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About us

Badawi Polyclinic

Badawi Polyclinic was established in May 1991 as the first private clinic in Vojvodina entitled “Clinic of general practice and acupuncture”. In the beginning, Dr Marija Krmpotić Badawi and Dr Mohamed Badawi worked in the clinic.

Gradually, the development went in the direction of inclusion of other medical specialists, introduction of new devices, new services and therapeutic possibilities and spatial expansion.

The team has been completed by: son Yasser, a dentist since 2004 and daughter Katarina, a specialist of Chinese medicine since 2008, after the completion of their studies.

Dr Mohamed Badawi

Dr Mohamed Badawi has been working as a general practitioner since 1978, and in 1984 he began his pediatric career. He has worked in the country and abroad, and he was among the most famous doctors in the United Arab Emirates for 15 years. He is like a friend with his young patients, so the children love him and come to see him even when they are not sick. Dr Mohamed Badawi is also known for applying natural methods in the treatment of children and prescribing a variety of teas, herbal and other natural medicines, recommending Bach flower drops, homeopathy and the like.

Dr Marija Badawi

Dr Marija Badawi has been a general practitioner since 1978, a specialist in acupuncture for over 25 years and a leading doctor in the field of quantum medicine. In the search for solutions of various diseases, she constantly perfects her knowledge and finds the best natural therapies for her patients. Dr Marija Badawi is, apart from her medical profession, also the director of Badawi Polyclinic.

Dr Jaser Badawi

Dr Jaser Badawi is a dentist, a specialist in cosmetic dentistry. After many conferences and seminars abroad, he uses top materials and technology, making the visit to the dentist a painless, short and pleasant experience.

Dr Katarina Badawi

Dr Katarina Badawi is a general practitioner, a specialist in Chinese medicine and a leading doctor of holistic medicine. She is in charge of the Holistic Center of Badawi Polyclinic and she works on the elimination of energy, mental and physical ailments. Her special area of operation is the Budwig Protocol.

Combination of official and holistic medicine

Badawi Polyclinic offers its customers a unique combination of official services and holistic medicine. The expert team educates themselves continuously and in their work, the wishes and requirements of service users are followed closely, which determines the future direction and pace of development.

With their expertise, dedication to work and love for the people, the expert team provides services in Serbian, Hungarian, Arabic and English.