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Books of Dr Katarina Badawi

It is upon us to honestly accept, read, remember what we like and apply it in our lives.

“Your Powers, You Choice”

vase-moci-vas-izborThe book Your Power, Your Choice is dedicated to anyone who wants to improve and enrich his life. Content that is offered is not limited to the age of the reader, time, nor space in which he lives. Simply: anyone who wants to approach life “from the other side” – can find in this book the idea how to do it. I sincerely recommend it because I believe that every reader, having read the book, will be inspired to do something himself, so as to take his life to a higher level.



nadahnucaSpending time with books on a daily basis, in addition to the learning that is needed for her successful medical studies, our Katarina carefully and persistently collects and records wise sayings of prudent people, scientists, writers and philosophers. The result of such work is this book. Apart from wise sayings, Katarina offers us an abundance of her thoughts and advice. I deliberately say “our” because it is simply “offered” to us, to “continue” reading it. This is her second book in a short time, which she is giving us as a gift. Although she is very young, her advice may be helpful to all ages, the young and the old alike.

Books can be bought at Badawi Polyclinic, every working day from 7 am to 7 pm or you can order them via e-mail address poliklinika@badawi-su.com.