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General medicine

General medicine

Patients and other users can get medical services in this field at the Badawi Polyclinic at any time – which is previously scheduled.

Why should we schedule an  appointment and consultation?

If you have a cold, fever, pain, vertigo, vomiting, or you are simply not feeling well, first contact your general doctor.

After a thorough examination and an interview, the doctor will decide if you need additional laboratory, ultrasound, X-ray, or specialist examination and consultation. You will receive detailed advice and recommendations on what you need to do.

Do I have to be sick to come to an appointment, consultation and interview?

The most common association with the word doctor and examination is disease, but you do not have to be sick to come for an examination and consultation.

Following patients for many years, I have noticed a wonderful phenomenon that more and more people come into the office, healthy, young, and they say: “I am not sick and nothing is wrong with me, but do you have something that would help me stay healthy as long as possible!”

So, we are becoming aware that we need to invest in health and keep it, while we are still young and healthy.

In this, we are helping you through the following service groups

  • preventive examinations and consultations of interested individuals
  • systematic – year – periodical – examinations for interested groups and companies
  • consultations, therapies and activities in the holistic practice

Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information. Scheduling phone: +381 (0)24 / 553-774