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Laboratory diagnostics

Laboratory diagnostics

Do I need to prepare?

Proper preparation before you undergo a routine laboratory examination is important and can affect the results.

For example, if you need a blood test it is best to come in the morning, before breakfast, it is desirable that the last meal was at least 10 hours ago, but there are blood analyses where this is not a prerequisite.

Another example is, if you need an examination of saliva or at tongue root swab – then it is best not to rinse the mouth or brush your teeth with toothpaste or a brush.

It is suggested that you call the day before, say which analyses what you want to do and ask for the details – if any special preparation is needed.

How is blood drawing performed?

It is most often done in a sitting position, but if you find it difficult, tell that to the tester in advance. In this case, you will be asked to lie down so you will not feel any discomfort.

Why are laboratory examinations done?

Laboratory diagnostics is a fast method of determining your health condition by examining blood, urine, semen, stool, swabs, saliva.

Laboratory analyses are an indispensable part of a thorough medical examination.

When are the results ready?

By applying the most modern equipment we are able to do some of the important analysis even in 3 minutes. Example: CBC (complete blood count), blood sugar, pregnancy test from a urine sample, CRP, helicobacter pylori, IgE.

SE- sedimentation can be ready in 20 minutes.

One part of the analysis is done in an emergency on the Reflotron, it is also ready in 3 min. If a specialist requests additional analysis during the examination, you can get a CBC, swab results while you are at the doctor’s office.

The analyses that are done routinely and require urgency are ready on the same day, possibly the following. In rare cases, you need to wait for the results need for 2-3 days. You can know this information in advance if you ask when the results will be ready when scheduling.

Badawi Polyclinic has contracts with the following laboratories: “Biomedika”, “Megalab”, “Medlab” Novi Sad and “Jugolab”.

No matter what you do, how old you are and what your health condition is, you should do routine medical examinations and laboratory tests once a year.

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