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Pediatrics – Pediatric Clinic

Dr Mohamed Badawi is at the head of the pediatric clinic, who has been working with love and dedication with his little patients and their parents for more than 30 years.

When can you come for consultation or examination?

Understanding the fact that pediatrics is a really special area of medicine, “Dr Badawi,” as everyone calls him, is at your service with no time limit.

For consultations, you can call him when you have a problem, and for review, you have to schedule an appointment.

What if your child gets sick at night, on weekends or on holiday?

The specialty in pediatrics is that all happens very quickly with children, often suddenly, if the parents are still young and it is their first child, the situation becomes even more “serious and urgent”.

Therefore,the Badawi Pediatric Clinic is at your service: weekdays, weekends, holidays and at night.

Earrings for babies and girls

Of course, you will solve with Dr Badawi easily and simply. With anesthesia and principles of asepsis and antisepsis, Dr Badawi will apply medical earrings – that you and your girls can choose.

The earliest when you can bring a baby is when it is a week old.

Among other services in the pediatric clinic, you can schedule:

  • specialist examinations and consultations
  • various vaccination
  • subspecialty examinations in children: pediatric cardiology examination with echocardiography and holter, examinations of children’s nephrologist, hematologist, pulmonologist, children’s surgeon, neonatologist and children’s gastroenterologist
  • you can do all ultrasound examinations in pediatrics, ultrasound examinations of baby hips, head – fontanella, heart, testicles)
  • you can get recommendations for the use of therapeutic procedures from the Badawi holistic practice.

Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information. Scheduling phone: +381 (0)24 / 553-774