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A few words about the skin

Dermatology deals with skin. The skin is our largest organ and it constitutes a barrier between the outside world and the interior of the body at the physical and the psychological level.

In addition to the role of the delimitation and protection, the skin has other roles such as: skin is the organ of senses and contacts, the organ of expression and presentation, it is involved in the regulation of temperature, sweat secretion, skin and it is also a sex organ.

This leads to the following

You will often get a referral which can seem at least strange at first glance from a dermatologist. For example: you have some skin changes, and you get a referral to the gastroenterologist and laboratory processing from the dermatologist. It should be borne in mind: not all that is seen on the skin is a skin disease.

How are problems on the skin treated?

If, after diagnosis, it is determined that the problem is on the skin, mainly a skin disease, then you will need a dermatologist to determine the type of treatment in terms of creams, ointments, you may receive tablets, syrups or injections. In the future, the dermatologist will monitor the success of treatment through check-ups.

The dermatologist can apply local therapy called Ellman Radiowave Surgery, which can remove the problematic part of the skin and send it to histopathological examination.

The dermatologist can give referrals for: laboratory tests, can provide a referral for allergy testing, as well as recommendations for treatment by: gastroenterologist, surgeon or can recommend some of the treatments from the holistic practice, such as recommendations for acupuncture, psychologist, homeopath, Bach flower drops specialist.

A fun fact for the end

If you like to find out new and interesting things, I suggest you read the following book on this topic: “The Healing Power of Illness” by Thorwald Dethlefsen and Ruediger Dahlke.

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