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Who is it for?

Gynecological-obstetric clinic program of Badawi Polyclinic is at service to all women, whether it is a healthy pregnancy, pathological or risky one, and to healthy women or women with health problems.

In our gynecological team we have top experts, doctors and professors, who perform examinations with the most modern appliances. In pleasant surroundings and through conversation, they devote their full attention, you can get answers to all your questions.

But I gave birth to my children long ago, what do I need to see a gynecologist?

Regular examinations even after completing the period of birth are required – as a form of caring about your own health. It is recommended that you meticulously visit the gynecologist twice a year already in perimenopause. This reduces the risk of unpleasant or shocking surprises and creates conditions to discover the disease on time and to start successful treatment on time.

What kind of examinations can I do at the gynecologist?

  • complete specialist examination with ultrasound examination, colposcopy, VS (vaginal discharge), and Papanikolaou
  • contraception – together with the examination, you will get explanations and recommendations, if it is about the coil (IUD), you can get a new one and remove the old one.
  • marital sterility – you come in pair, bring all previous findings, after the exaiminaiton, you can expect recommendations as to which examinations still need to be done, or if you already have all the findings, expect a recommendation for treatment.
  • if you have certain changes on the skin and mucous membranes, the gynecologist can propose and perform an intervention with the “Ellman” apparatus, it is a bloodless and painless surgical intervention.

You can get referrals for treatment and application of therapeutic procedures from the Badawi holistic practice.

Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy

A new ultrasound apparatus with 4D photo-realistic recording option and greater precision has recently started working. We are the only ones in Vojvodina with these options, it enables representing certain fetal anomalies in space, which could not be seen until now. New image quality enables display of surface structures of the brain, the heart, spine and other parts of the unborn baby.

Expert 4D ultrasound pregnancy, genetic testing, screening for chromosomal defects is done by Prof. Dr S. Stojić which has been doing it works for many years to the great satisfaction of pregnant women and their family members.

How often do you need to do ultrasound examinations?

In a healthy pregnancy, it is recommended to do expert ultrasound for the first time in the period: 20-24 weeks of gestational age, and then again after 6-8 weeks.

Together with this examination, the pregnant woman receives a gift which consists of: her baby’s first CD, the album “Let us rejoice together” and “Advice from your pediatrician.”

I want a video of my baby!

I advise the dear, young parents, that you express this desire as soon as you enter prof. Stojić’s office. Prof. Dr Stojić is a top expert and he concentrates on the expert part of the examination which is great, but sometimes he will not get to say “the baby has not settled well” so that he can record something interesting for you, parents.

That is why you should ask and require an answer while you are in the office, do not consider anything as given, and Badawi Polyclinic staff will do everything to enable that communication runs smoothly to mutual satisfaction.

Oh, I’d like to see my future sister as well!

Of course, if you have an older child who would like to see his/their future sister or brother, bring him/her and let him/her share the joy and excitement with you.

Future of medicine in gynecology

It is certainly related to prevention. This includes the awareness of every woman that preservation of health is her responsibility and that the care can be easily and successfully implemented through activities of Badawi Polyclinic. You can be come as a group (then you get some discounts) or individually for preventive gynecological examinations, you can also expand your gynecological preventive examination according to your specifications or according to our recommendation.

A few words about the “alternative“

In gynecology and obstetrics, acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach flower drops and some other therapeutic possibilities, the Badawi holistic practice can be of great help.

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