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Neurology and neurosurgery

Medical specialists – neurologists and neurosurgeons work in the neurology clinic.


Why would I come to see a neurologist?

If you struggle with inexplicable headaches, vertigo, neck pain, numbness and stiffness of parts of the face, arm or leg, then it is a cry for help, then you schedule an appointment with a neurologist.

A neurologist also solve problems with memory disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia of various origin, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diseases accompanied by dystonia and tremor – hereditary or acquired, epilepsy, conditions after CVI (cerebro vascular insult).

How can a neurologist help me?

After the examination and consultation, the neurologist gives recommendations for further checks if necessary. It is often necessary to conduct laboratory examination, x-ray, MRI, EMNG examination, you can quickly and easily schedule appointments with the nurses.

The neurologist determines the type of treatment, he may refer you to a neurosurgeon, to spa treatments, to physical therapy and rehabilitation, he may propose medical therapy (tablets, ointment, and injections, blocks).

The neurologist monitors your condition, evaluates the success of the treatment and adapts it on further check-ups.

What is EMNG – Electromyoneurography?

This is the process of recording the preservation of the nerves and muscles – in the hands, feet or face. It is necessary to do the exaimnation in pair (both arms or both legs).

Who needs EMNG?

  • people who have a chronic disease that attacks the muscles and nerves (diabetes, alcoholism, smoking, etc.)
  • injuries: cuts and fractures
  • diseases of the spine in particular
  • and other diseases.

EMNG is mostly required by a medical specialist and physiatrist, orthopedist, neurologist, surgeon, neurosurgeon.

Can acupuncture help?

It is a proven and successful method to help with a variety of headaches together with migraine, for most painful conditions of the spine, joints, for accelerating recovery after a stroke. You can find more information at the Badawi holistic practice.


How can you reach a neurosurgeon?

You always come to a neurosurgeon at the recommendation of a doctor. You simply make an appointment, by scheduling you simply undergo the examination without any crowds, waiting and without nervousness.

What should I take with me?

You should take with you all previous findings and the results you have (laboratory, EMNG, EEG, X-ray, MRI, doctors’ earlier reports), so as to avoid unnecessary walking, spending time, nerves and money.

What can I expect from a neurosurgeon?

After an examination, a neurosurgeon can tell you::

  • you are a likely candidate for surgical treatment and you get recommendations in this regard
  • you are not a candidate for surgical treatment and you get recommendations on what to do next
  • additional examinations are needed, and recommendations are given in this regard

Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information. Scheduling phone: +381 (0)24 / 553-774