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ORL, specialist for ear, nose and throat

What is otorhinolaryngology?

Seemingly a complicated name comes from Oto meaning ear, Rino meaning nose, Larynx meaning throat, and logia meaning the science of…

ORL specialists, as we usually call them, deal with the issue of upper respiratory tract, sinuses and ears, both in children and adults.

What does otorhinolaryngology do?

It deals with the examination, treatment and assistance in relation to the treatment of various diseases and conditions such as: inflammation, allergies, foreign bodies, tumors, polyps, nasal septum deviation and injury. This is the direction in which you can expect the solution of your problems and diseases.

ORL specialist examination for adults is not painful at all, in young children it is more to do with discomfort.

What is tympanometry?

This is an exaimnation on an apparatus, it is painless and easy to do with very small children, and adults, of course. It enables the specialist to evaluate the condition of the auditory system of the patient.

After swimming in the pool, I suddenly can’t hear well

This is a common occurrence in practice, flushing the ear can help, but the doctor will certainly do an examination first.

My child has pushed a bean up his/her nose, a bead has fallen into the ear, what do we do now?

This is relatively common in children and it is usually solved on an outpatient basis, it can be done by an ORL specialist or a pediatrician.

Anything else?

Yes, for example, allergies of the nose and sinuses are successfully treated with acupuncture, but there are also other successful alternative therapies in the Badawi holistic practice.

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