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Why would I come to an orthopedist?

People who have pain in the knees, the hips, the spine or other joints, tendons and muscles come to the orthopedist. The pain may be accompanied by tension, stiffness, spasms and limited movements. The above-mentioned difficulties may be due to illness or injury, but still all these can significantly reduce the quality of life.

How can an orthopedist help me?

After the examination, the orthopaedist may recommend additional examinations: x-ray, whicih you will easily and quickly schedule through our nurses, cez, emng, which you can also easily and quickly schedule through our nurses.

The possibility exists that you will get recommendations for treatment (especially when it comes to injury) during the first examination at the orthopedist.

From the therapeutic program, the orthopedist may recommend surgery, physiotherapy treatment, immobilization, spa treatments, drug treatment (medicines in the form of tablets, ointments, injections and blocks), or he may propose a combination.

The orthopedist may recommend some of the treatments and therapies from the Badawi holistic practice.

The orthopedist has another interesting field of work

He performs ultrasound examination of the baby’s hips and implements parent education regarding the examination of baby’s hips.

Preparation of the child for the hips ultrasound:

  • take the following with you: health insurance card, release form from the maternity hospital and findings from the previous examination (if any)
  • two diapers (cloth), a bottle of water or juice, a favorite toy
  • 1 hour prior to departure from the house, feed the baby

The orthopedist also monitors the growth and development of the locomotor apparatus in small children (flat feet, curved spine, X or O knees, etc.) and implements the education of parents.

Some other therapeutic possibilities

In the Badawi holistic practice, there are several therapeutic options related to the conditons in orthopedics. In the first place there is acupuncture, which is a tested and successful method of treatment and help in the treatment related to the locomotor system (bones, joints, muscles, tendons).

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