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What is Biophysical Functional Medicine?

Today, based on knowledge of quantum and biophysics, we have a completely new insight into the structure and functioning of the human organism. We have realized that matter is only a small part of reality. The other, invisible part, is energy. According to physicist and Nobel laureate, prof. dr. Carlo Rubbia, the ratio of the photon radiation (quantum of light, energy) and nucleon radiation (material particle) is about 1 000 000 000 : 1. Translated into the language of medicine, this means that the material body is only about one billionth of the total reality of the human body. All the rest are energy fields invisible to the human eye. We also know that every cell, besides biochemical receptors, has electromagnetic receptors. These “antennae” serve the purpose of receiving and transmitting signals, which means that the processes within the cell can be changed under electromagnetic influences, but also that one cell can influence the other.

The human body is a complex vibratory system within which every cell, tissue or organ is characterized by a specific oscillation frequency. In biophysical terms, the organism can be seen as a complex cybernetic system with a precise well-developed IT network and the constant transfer of information which enables instant insight into the whole to every part of the body. In hierarchical terms, physical processes are superior to chemical processes. Matter is condensed energy. By changing superiors energy forms, we can change material structure.

Modern Biophysical Functional Medicine is based on this fundamental physical insights and implements them into everyday medical practice. It is a combination of knowledge of modern Western medicine, biophysics, traditional energetic medicine and highly sophisticated electronic technology. Just as the name says, our goal is to regulate body functions by using basic biophysical methods. This is achieved in such a way that, by using subtle diagnostic techniques, we strive to discover the primary causes, first of all, of chronic diseases, and then we try to eliminate these cause by various physical therapy techniques.

In recent years we have witnessed a significant increase in interest in this young medical discipline worldwide. The successes we achieve, particularly in the treatment of chronic diseases, guarantee that this development will be faster and more intense.

What is Wega Medicine and what is Wega Academy?

Wega Medicine is a leading German and worldwide known company, which produces sophisticated equipment in the field of Biophysical Functional Medicine. The centre of the firm is in Schiltach, a historic German town situated between Freiburg and Stutgart. Wega Academy is a scientific educational institution founded to promote Biophysical Functional Medicine all over the world. The Academy regularly organizes lectures, courses, and seminars where doctors and those who practice medicine from all over the world are introduced into different techniques of diagnosing and therapy in the field of Biophysical Functional Medicine and Wega technology.

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