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Aura healing treatment

Radionic examination – current state

  • radionics-plummet
  • check of harmful radiation at the site of sleep, rest, workplace
  • check of light-energy layer-aura state
  • check of biofield state
  • determining and locating disturbing causes of pathology
  • recommendation of the most appropriate therapy of traditional or orthodox medicine

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

Light vibrational energy treatment

  • cleansing and harmonization of aura – music and meditation (technique: plummet, meditation, music)
  • raising power quality and complete development of the AURA
  • transformation of harmful energy, vibration and records
  • cleansing of information channels and strengthening the BIO FIELD
  • max.opening and activation of energy centers-CHAKRAS
  • harmonization of the subconsious, conscious and superconscious
  • transformation of negative genetic heritage
  • deletion of pathogenic information of the BIO FIELD and DNA
  • max. activation of genetic potential.

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes – including detection service

Hypnotherapy is aimed at achieving the individual objectives of the client

  • setting personal goals
  • activation of personal resources in achieving the objective through hypnoze
  • changes in beliefs and behaviors in order to achieve the objective
  • hypnotic regression-only if necessary
  • personal CD for the given objective

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

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