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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Medicines represent a set of 38 essences made from flowers of wild, self-seeding plants. The main characteristic of these herbal essences is that they are medicines for our internal development, our thoughts, emotions and inner experience. Their author is Dr Edward Bach (Edward Bach, 1886-1936, Wells, UK), internal medicine physician, pathologist, bacteriologist, researcher and homeopath.

He felt that the natural state of the human body was to be healthy. When the defense forces weaken due to an imbalance in the personality and emotions – disease occurs. Therefore, Bach considered internal imbalance to be the true pathogen.

Negative emotional and mental states which can be cured by Bach Flower Remedies, among others, are:
fears, depression, anxiety, consequences of traumatic experiences, dominant and rigid character, hatred, envy, jealousy, excessive worry, suffering, insecurity, lack of confidence, apathy, resignation, excessive susceptibility to the influence of others and the environment, haunting thoughts and rituals, impatience, nervousness, aggressive behavior, excessive inner tension and much more.

If, however, physical illness appears – then it is best to treat the symptoms with medicine, and use the flower drops to re-establish emotional balance and restore the natural state of health.
Nowadays, official medicine also acknowledges the fact that stress causes 50% – 70% of all diseases.
It is already clear that stress (and internal imbalances in response to stress) is the basis of high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, obesity, migraine, asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, physiological changes that affect the function of the intestine, bloodstream and muscle tone, breathing problems, increased cholesterol, increased blood acidity…

Bach’s drops are not a substitute for pharmacological products and medical interventions; together with these products and interventions, working on the right cause of the disease, they contribute to the complete and definitive cure, eliminating our tendency to get sick. Bach’s remedies are divided into seven groups:

For those who suffer from fear

Mental-emotional attitude is withdrawal, avoidance of situations and experiences. Remedies from this group help us learn to protect ourselves from the real threats and recognize and overcome unrealistic, unfounded sense of being threatened, when there is no real source of threat.

For those who suffer from insecurity

The attitude of confidence in meaning and purposefulness wavers, and we do not accept other information and experiences and do not recognize them with clarity and certainty. Remedies help us to be ready to overcome the limitations of our insecurity with inner wisdom and pronounced motivation towards our goal and task.

Lack of interest in current events

Mental attitude and emotional state keep us occupied with past moments or incidents and situations that are yet to happen. They are prisoners of the past or the future. Remedies help us to “turn on,” wake up, free from mental preoccupation which kept us out of current life events so we do not miss all the nice things that are happening around us.


For these people, isolation is a choice, which comes from a sense of being special or even superior to others. The mind is preoccupied with seeking ways to protect its own value or meaning in interaction with others. The joy of interacting with others is “censored”. As a practical problem, there is occasional or chronic loneliness.

Hypersensitivity to influences and ideas

This refers to the state of internal instability, which is manifested as hypersensitivity, overreaction to external stimuli. A person is systematically protected from disturbing influences and struggles to restore balance. Drugs help us to establish domestic tranquility, harmony, restore balance, preserve integrity and meet the basic need to be safe despite the stimulus.

Dejection or despair

A person is burdened with agonizing, painful experiences, events and prevented from demonstration, giving and receiving. Circumstances flood them with despair. Remedies are used “to raise our spirit,” with a sense of strength and faith, despite the existence of obstacles and inconveniences.

Excessive concern about the welfare of others

The attitude of these people is that they are obliged to show their power and determination to the world. They impose in order to create this world and the people around themselves. They are absolutely convinced of the correctness of their attitude or ideas and they implement them by hook or by crook, suggesting, persuading, controlling or abusing others. Remedies help these people to place their powerful capacities, which are real, in a manner to achieve mutual benefit, for the benefit of all.

These remedies have been used successfully around the world for 80 years, which resulted in a huge clinical experience, based on which, when it comes to Bach’s drops, we claim the following with certainty:

  • There are no contraindications, they can be administered even to babies, pregnant women, nursing mothers, very old and/or very sick people.
  • They are effective for the removal of emotional and physical suffering.
  • Equally effective for the treatment and cultivation of all animals (veterinary medicine) and plants (botany).
  • They are effective for acquiring characteristics that improve the quality of our everyday life (tolerance, concentration). What is important, not only do these remedies provide temporary relief, but they also permanently cure and return to balance our negative inner states, even if they have been present most of the life, and so they can be used for the development of personality and character!
  • They have no incidental side effects.
  • Their application does not preclude the use of other types of remedies.
  • The remedy cannot be overdosed.
  • Nonviolent remedy application. The remedy is dripped under the tongue, or rubbed behind the ear (babies, unconscious people), dropped onto the palm (babies), in a glass of water, juice, hot soup or coffee. . .
  • It is not necessary to believe in the fact that these drops work, because they are effective even when applied to a man who is unconscious, they are effective when administered to babies, animals, but also to plants. All these users have no previous attitude on the medicine.
  • They are not sensitive to external influences (radiation, mobile phones, perfumes, light, X-ray machines at airports …), so storing is simple.

In addition to these 38 drugs, there is another one, which is probably the most popular and the most widespread remedy, and this is Rescue Remedy (First Aid Remedy), which is used in all emergency situations for immediate calming effect.

These situations may include: sudden shock, unconsciousness, physical injuries (blows or cuts), and in general all sudden, violent and extremely unpleasant or tense situations that require immediate calming, awareness and composure.

Bach Practitioner, Master in Psychology Jelena Vujačić.

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