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Improving the quality of life, problem solving, counseling and therapeutic services for children, adults, couples.

Why would caring about emotional health be less important than the health of teeth, for example, and why as soon as the need arises, you simply make an appointment at the dentist, and when it comes to emotions, you procrastinate, postpone or reject it?

The belief that only people who are mentally ill come to the psychologist is a strong prejudice. Psychological assistance is largely sought by people who are healthy, but who suffer from certain emotional problems such as fear, depression, anger, shyness and lack of confidence, problems in partner and marital relationships and the like. So, they are just normal people who want to solve their problems, improve the quality of their life and achieve a higher level of psychological development.

Every man or woman have problems, it is just a matter of what different people do with their problems. Some people are brave enough and wise enough to recognize their problems and try to solve them, while others try to ignore and avoid problems in various ways until these problems lead to the state that the person can no longer work in everyday environment or problems simply turn into a disease.

Many people are ashamed to seek psychological help because they mistakenly believe that this is a reflection of their weakness and inability to solve their problems independently. This is actually not true.

Lawyers are experts in resolving legal, regulatory problems, physicians are experts in solving medical problems, while psychologists are experts in solving emotional problems.
Is it embarrassing to turn to a lawyer when you have a legal problem, or go to the doctor when you have a health problem?

Of course not, none of us is an expert on everything, nor we possess all the knowledge and wisdom of this world. Therefore, seeking help from someone who is an expert is not a sign of weakness. Running away from the problem, avoiding problems and fear of facing reality is more of a sign of weakness rather than desire and effort to solve problems.

What do we do?

Provide counseling and therapeutic services to individuals, married couples, parents and families in the resolution of:

  • emotional difficulties
  • problems in partnership
  • difficulties and problems in family relations
  • educational difficulties
  • problems of maturity and adulthood
  • problems in relationships with other people in a social setting

When should you come for counseling?

  • to better understand yourself and your potential to achieve personal creativity, improve quality of life, coping with the crisis periods of life more successfully
  • to reconsider your important decisions (e.g. the establishment of marriage, the decision about parenting, divorce)
  • to be more successful in relationships with others (family, romantic, sexual, professional)
  • to resolve conflicts successfully
  • to improve the quality of parenting
  • to improve a specific aspect of your life

When is psychological assistance necessary?

  • different types of fears
  • panic attacks
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • psychosomatic ailments
  • feeling of loneliness
  • feeling of inferiority and lack of self-confidence
  • problems in love and sex life
  • negative thoughts
  • suffering some form of violence (emotional, physical, sexual)

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