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Energy exercises

Energy exercises


Energy exercises enable us to become the best part of ourselves, to achieve our maximum potential. They bring us to the psychological growth and development. When we notice the presence of negative emotions, heavy thoughts, but we do not come up with an answer, it is certain that there is a problem in one or more energy centers (chakras). It is possible that we are faced with problems in a partnership or other relationship, we feel longterm dissatisfaction with our job and the environment, we often think back to the past and think about what we did wrong, we have a constant feeling of guilt or blame other people, physical problems may have evolved; it all points to a problem in a particular energy center.

Energy centers (chakras) are associated with certain beliefs, emotions and body parts. There are 7 energy centers in the physical body and 3 beyond the physical body. In them thoughts, emotions and energy convert into matter, which represents 4 levels of the body. Affirmations have a healing effect on the level of thoughts, flower essences successfully heal emotional problems, exercises for the initiation of chakras are valuable for strong vitality and energy, and yoga and a certain diet for the material level. We heal each chakra and bring it into balance by working simultaneously on all 4 levels. Naturally, chakras circulate in a clockwise direction (as shown in the picture, and when there is imbalance, they circulate in the opposite direction. And in that way they cause the imbalance of the body.

Practical application of exercises will enable the client to spot the first changes after a few weeks of work, for example, changing personal reaction to circumstances that are imposed, clearly identifying and resolving situations that the client felt like a big problem until then and others. First comes the awareness of the situations, and then changes occur that are made visible to the world outside the person (circumstances that are now in favor of the person) because they become tangible, they materialize. All this leads a person to a greater intimacy with itself. The client begins to live better and is less affected by the negative vibrations from the environment in which he is situated, as well as collective events. Opportunities for a satisfactory life open up, which the client creates for himself.

During a certain period (depending on the imbalance in the energy center), with the help of a mentor, the client will practice learned exercises for each chakra, use certain affirmations and sound, take flower essences. In this way, he gets valuable material that will be of help to him even when several years pass and some old patterns come to the surface.

The exercises are divided into three cycles. The first cycle brings into balance the first four chakras, the second from the fifth to the seventh, the third three chakras that are outside the physical body. It depends on the client how many cycles he wants to go through.

It is desirable for the client to write a diary about the changes that he experiences.

Diseases in which energy exercises can be of help

Strengthening the immune system, poor circulation and a constant feeling of cold, immoderateness in the diet that has consequences on the health, easy capillary rupture, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the colon, impaired blood pressure, pain in the jaw joint, chronic fears.

Swelling in the lower part of the stomach, problem with the gonads, poor fertility, pain in the lumbar spine, painful and irregular menstruation, problem in menopause, PMS.

Indigestion, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, tension and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, digestive problem, problem with the stomach and digestive disorders are often a precursor of the thyroid gland disorder, chronic fatigue, problems with the liver and gallbladder, pancreas disease, problems with the back – backbone.

Breathing problems and airways, asthma, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart rhythm disorder, rheumatoid srtritis, pain in the thoracic spine.

Frequent inflammation of the throat, inflammation of the vocal cords and frequent infections of the throat in general, tension in the neck area of the spine.

Insomnia, nightmares, poor memory, headaches (pressure in the head, with colors in front of the eyes), sinus problems.

Bone pain, disorders of the central nervous system, depression, psychoses, skin changes.

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