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Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is a combination of official medicine and complementary medicine, i.e. combination of medicine therapy and treatment by other benign methods such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology, detoxification, zapper, SCIO, etc.

Integrative medicine is a new direction in medicine which was created in response to limits of allopathic medicine, before all, but also the branches of complementary and alternative medicine individually. Integrative medicine includes the use of the best possible treatments and procedures of scientific, allopathic medicine in combination with the best methods of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) based on the individual needs of the patient. It integrates, i.e. combines both medical system adapting them to the individual, and using the safest, least invasive and most cost-effective approach, combining them into a holistic understanding of the individual.

THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE in our country was held in Belgrade, at Hotel InterContinental from 5 to 7 May 2006. Among the seventy participants of the conference, the Russian scientist Sergei Sitko, an expert on microwave-resonance therapy of asthma, eczema, migraines also presented his work…

One of the advocates of the full power of alternative medicine, prof. Velimir Abramović held a lecture on science paved by the famous Serbian scientist and innovator Nikola Tesla.

The following experts also participated in the conference: prof. dr Vuk Stambolović, prof. Dejan Raković, prof. Ljubo Ristovski, Dr Zlata Jovanovic Ignjatić, prim. Dr Jelisaveta Kunosić, and others. The event featured homeotherapy, quantum medicine, traditional Eastern medicine, acupuncture, structural medicine, chiropractic, crystal therapy, magnetic therapy, reflexology, phytotherapy – folk medicine, diet regimes, sensory medicine, healing and altered states.

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