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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is an interactive process (one to one) in which an individual or a team develops their potentials and achieves their goal more quickly and effectively. The emphasis is on the conscious processes that are present in a given moment when the clients applies for coaching. Attention is also given to the unconscious processes that can create the strongest blockage, due to which help is requested.

How does Life Coaching help?

It helps the client to become fully familiar with himself and his life, to boldly move forward towards his development and better quality of life, using his skills and with the help of a coach. In addition, it helps the client to permanently resolve internal conflicts due to which he experiences unpleasant situations. It helps him manage his thoughts and emotions, which are important factors in the formation of any situation in which the client can find himself.

Who is a Life Coach?

It is a life skills coach who uses his knowledge and skills to help the client reach the best solution, achieve the desired goal, make his every wish come true:

  • encourages the client and does not allow him to give up his goal
  • helps the client focus on a goal, motivates and supports him
  • leads the client to make the right choice
  • finds the best in the client
  • becomes an honest friend with the client, who listens to thim carefully, does not criticize, does not impose his opinion.

Principle of work in the client-coach relationship

First, there is an exchange of information and setting goals between the client and the coach. After that, the most important goal is determined. Then a sincere attitude, knowledge and life skills of the coach, a specific strategy (action) enables the client to recognize what it is that prevents him from being successful, braver, where to focus and how to resolve obstacles. During this process, he adopts skills and techniques that will help him successfully overcome every obstacle which he encounters.

Who is Life Coaching for?

It will help all those who are willing to be what their true nature is, to make their lives joy and not sorrow, to make a step forward in their personal development and overcome the unpleasant circumstances in which they are, and to live that state of joy and happiness every day, quietly but powerfully. For those who want to turn towards themselves, but they cannot find a way to achieve it.

Of course, all this depends on the development of the awareness of the client and his desire to change.

Who applies for Life Coaching?

Those that apply are people who come to a certain point and realize they cannot go on alone, that they have lost faith in themselves, the sense of their lives, they are stuck, overwhelmed by heavy thoughts and emotions that they do not know how to manage and they want to change that.

What pertains to the client’s goals?

  • relief from fears, nervousness, tension, sadness
  • improving personal and business relationships
  • development of one’ own vision
  • development of a personal mission
  • emotion management
  • resolving business and personal problems, etc.

Is there anyone who does not need it?

Those who happily fall asleep every night and wake up happy in the morning, who do not criticize themselves or others because they accept themselves and others completely, who are ready to face all obstacles without tension and nervousness, who spend each day in complete inner peace.

So, those who are completely healthy – emotionally, mentally and socially.

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