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Quantum medicine

Quantum medicine

Quantum medicine is a term that was in common usage when the quantum physicists recognized a radical new approach to material design of living systems and their diversity.

Quantum approach to treatment is based on the fact that every living organism is a source of electromagnetic radiation. Diagnosis is based on the fact that healthy organs or body parts send out healthy vibrations (frequencies), as opposed to sick distorted waves. Thanks to modern technology we are now able to measure these vibrations and then correct them therapeutically, and cure them.

Holistic (the name of holistic medicine is derived from the English word whole which means entire, whole, complete, comprehensive), energy, vibratory, quantum medicine, which is often called the medicine of the 21st century, is lately getting more and more supporters, even in official medicine. The knowledge and skills of healthy living, prevention and stimulating the body to self-healing have already been known for thousand of years. First of all, there is traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbalistics, tai-chi, chi-gong), Indian ayurveda, yoga, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, sound therapy, color therapy, touch therapy, massage therapy, ritual dances… All these methods treat the man as a whole, the balance between the body, the mind and the soul.

With the development of electronics and cybernetics, this millennial knowledge receives acknowledgement in modern science, and it is a fact that our body is essentially energy that is moving quickly on a myriad of different frequencies. Tesla once said that the development and testing of invisible forces would allow humankind to progress in science in a few years as fast as all the time so far.

In our country, many doctors, especially those who study and are actively engaged in the fields of classical acupuncture, homeopathy, also immediately recognized the possibilities of various energy-quantum systems, and use them successfully.

What is health?

Health is a subtle dynamic equilibrium between our physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual body. Health represents the flow of vital – life energy through all of his bodies and the disease is a stagnation or block thereof. Even the ancient Chinese physicians compared this flow of life energy picturesquely with the flow of the river, from source to mouth, thousands of years ago.

For good health, conservation and healing, one should primarily have an active and responsible attitude to oneself, to others and to the environment, and then the effects of the implemented measures and procedures of the treatment will be better and more lasting.

An integral part of every living being is a natural tendency to self-healing, and it happens continuously and without stopping at a subconscious level. If we do not consciously give ourselves a chance, the self-healing process can be accelerated! How?

As a first step: the gradual but mandatory change of bad habits (excessive, irregular and poor quality food, “misuse” of food, alcohol, coffee, sugar, tobacco, inactivity, physical, emotional and mental neglect. No therapy will be successful or last long if we constantly make mistakes or repeat the same mistakes).

The second step: implementing certain external healing stimuli – natural therapies – energy medicine (acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, magnet therapy, chiropractic, color therapy, light therapy, sound therapy, plant therapy, detoxification, etc.) or implementing a combination of aforementioned therapies (for example, through the SCIO).

Stress and its impact on the dynamic balance which means health

Stress is all that brings our being into imbalance. If it lasts long, it disturbs our health because the body consumes its reserves and the power to naturally deal with it. Examples of some of the stressors:

  • toxins (contaminated food, water, air, heavy metals, chemicals, detergents, cosmetics…),
  • microbes (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi),
  • trauma (physical, psychological, emotional),
  • influences from the environment (humidity, wind, dryness, heat, cold… technological and other radiation),
  • lack or excess of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats),
  • mental emotional causes (excessive worry, fear, anger, resentment, anger, greed, bitterness, sadness….) but also lack of love, friendship, intellectual stimulation, ignorance and unconsciousness of processes that affect our body, hereditary factors, constitution… etc.

In Serbia, a Group for Quantum Medicine of the Section of the Serbian Medical Society and the Association for the promotion and development of quantum medicine “Quanttes” was established, which is a member of the International Quantum Medicine Association based in Moscow.

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