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Brief introduction about reiki

The word REIKI has a double meaning: on the one hand, it indicates the power itself that drives self-healing of the body, and on the other hand, it stands for an energy healing method.

The word REIKI comes from Japan and is made up of two parts: REI is an adjective which means ‘from the universe’, and the word KI is energy. It is life energy! Reiki can treat ailments of the body and mental problems.

Bioenergy can be trasferred with the laying of hands on somebody. Reiki energy is the energy of a higher level than bioenergy, because it brings harmony into a sick body. The beauty of Reiki is to heal both the disharmony (disease) and the cause of disharmony. The provider of Reiki does not lose his bioenergy, but channels the energy of a higher order to treat patients. In this way, the effects are much stronger and more successful.

How does reiki work?

  • balances and equalizes body energies,
  • fills the body and the spirit with positive energy,
  • accelerates the body’s ability to treat and heal itself,
  • accelerates the healing of wounds,
  • reduses pain,
  • improves the mood,
  • reduces stress and heals the effects of stressful conditions,
  • frees up energy blockages and negative energy imprints,
  • cleanses the body from toxins and poisons,
  • increases the positive effects of medicines and reduces the adverse side effects,
  • contributes to relaxation and creates harmony of body and spirit.

The second meaning of the word REIKI is the name of a method of treatment. The question arises: what is this method and is the method an approved one?

The Health Care Act (Official Gazette 107/2005) of the Republic of Serbia is one of the advanced laws. Twelfth chapter is devoted to traditional medicine. Article 235 defines that traditional medicine includes proven traditional, complementary and alternative treatments and methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehab-medicine includes proven traditional, complementary law. According to Section 236, the Minister defines in detail the conditions, methods and procedures for carrying out the methods of traditional medicine.

In the Rulebook on traditional medicine, which was issued by the Minister in December 2007, rehabilitation methods of traditional medicine that can be used were listed in Section 6. Energy therapy, Reiki is also mentioned among the methods.

Reiki is a method of traditional medicine whose use is regulated by law, it can be legally used! You do not have to be afraid that this is just some spell, mystical thing. This is a method that has been tested, and proved as an acceptable method of energy therapy!

This method of treatment started in Japan a little over a hundred years ago. It became popular worldwide thanks to Mikao Usui. In essence, reiki had already been used for several thousand years. To remember, if someone suffered pain, caressing the sick body part reduced the pain.

How is this healing method used?

  • when it is necessary to relieve pain,
  • when it is necessary to accelerate wound healing,
  • with headaches, migraines,
  • with inflammation, temperature,
  • for heart disease, improves the condition after the heart attack,
  • when you have survived a stroke and when it is necessary to mitigate the consequences of stroke,
  • when you have problems with digestion, with intestinal disease,
  • when you have difficulties of menstruation or when you have problems due to menopause,
  • when you need to improve mood,
  • when it is necessary to increase the efficiency of other treatment therapies and
  • accelerates the body’s ability to treat and heal itself.

History of Reiki

According to Mrs. Hawayo Takata:

At the end of the 19th century in Japan, Christianity was spreading. The young priest Mikao Usui was manager of the seminar for young priests. Since he did not know the answers to the questions of the young deacons (that priests did not know how to treat, he went to America to seek answers to these questions. In Chicago, he completed a doctorate in theology, but found no answers. He came back and, taking the advice of a Buddhist monk, he meditated and fasted for 21 days on the sacred mountain of Kuriyama. In the end he experienced enlightenment in which he got the healing power of laying hands. First he performed healings in Kyoto, then he went to Tokyo, where he founded a clinic with Dr Hayashi (Hayashi Chujiro 1878-1941). After the death of Dr Usui, Dr Hayashi kept running the Reiki clinic and led the expansion of Reiki. On the eve of the Second World War, he initiated Mrs Hawayo Takata (1900 – 1980). After the war, she moved to the United States and began spreading reiki with her granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Fran Brown wrote a book on the life of Mrs Takata: Living Reiki.

According to Mr Frank Arjava Petters:

Mikao Usui was born on August 15 1864. He was married, and he had son and a daughter. He was a merchant, and he passed his business down to his son in 1920. He meditated on the mountain Kuriyama several times and probably experienced enlightenment, as he began healing since 1921. In April 1922 he founded a small clinic in Tokyo, where he treated people. He died on March 9, 1926. His disciples and followers set up a monument on his tomb in 1927 with a brief description of life. He had many students, one of them is Hayashi.

About energies: bio-energy, reiki energy

The provider of Reiki does not give over his bioenergy, but channels the energy of a higher order to treat patients. Reiki energy is the energy of a higher level than bioenergy.


Live human body is covered by energy layers – aura. People with sensible vision which is above average see vortexes in the aura, which are called chakras, according to their Indian name. They are counted from the bottom and they are:

  • root chakra, (color: red, located on the lower end of the spine)
  • sacral chakra, (color: orange, three fingers below the navel)
  • solar plexus chakra, (color: yellow, three fingers above the navel)
  • heart chakra, (color: green, on the nipples line in the middle)
  • throat chakra, (color: light blue, around the larynx)
  • third eye chakra, (color: indigo, violet, on the line in the middle)
  • crown chakra, (white on top of the head)

Balancing the chakras

Balancing the chakras is used for the elderly, who are in a bad state in terms of energy. It is performed during the first session. There are two techniques of balancing the chakras.

Balancing in relation to the solar plexus chakra. Lasts longer, used for more skeptical patients. Last for 25 minutes.

Balancing the chakras in pairs: the crown chakra with the root chakra, third eye chakra with the sacral chakra, the throat chakra with the solar plexus chakra and finally both hands on the heart chakra. This method is faster, it lasts for 15 minutes.

Hand positions that are used in healing others

Washing the hands is mandatory before and after treatment. Before the start of the treatment, a short conversation and getting to know the problem.

Hand positions:

  • palms on the forehead: headache
  • palms on the eyes: eye diseases, fever, teeth
  • palms on the temples: headache
  • palms on the ear: ear diseases, stimulation of acupuncture points
  • hands on the back of the head: blood pressure, heart problems

Treatment of tonsils, throat and thyroid gland is more effective when the reiki provider is behind the patient.

Positions on the body from the front:

  • large V-position: the lower abdomen (intestine, uterus, ovaries)
  • solar ppexus and sacral chakra: pancreas, stomach diseases
  • hands on the liver: liver and gallbladder
  • hands on the right side of lungs
  • hands on the left side of lungs
  • breast, hands above and below the right and the left breast
  • heart T-position

Positions on the back:

  • T-position above the rectum: hemorrhoids, bladder, prostate
  • hand side by side on the lower back: lumbago and sciatica
  • hands one behind the other at the lower back: lumbago and leg pain
  • one hand at the neck, the other on the lower back: spine
  • hands on the kidneys: kidney diseases and first aid
  • hands on the scapulas: calming the nerves

Joints: all joints from the thumb of the right foot, right ankle, right knee, right hip, the fingers of the right hand, right elbow, right shoulder, left shoulder, left elbow, fingers of the left hand, left hip, left knee, left ankle to the thumb on the left leg.

Fear lives in the knees!

Hand positions used during self-healing

Positions coincide with the positions in the healing of other people – only they are more comfortable and easier, rely on intuition!

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