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Bioresonance testing and therapy – SCIO


SCIO is a computer device that detects changes in your body through electrodes. Variations and diseases show up on the computer screen. This is DIAGNOSTICS. Then, by adjusting the program, particular healing frequencies are sent back to your body through the electrodes. This is THERAPY.

SCIO began to be used more than 20 years ago at NASA because the astronauts had to be in top shape. SCIO treats all diseases. It is enough to come to therapy once a week and later once a month.

Can SCIO help you?

SCIO comes from: Scientific Consiousness Interface Operations – BIOFEEDBACK INTERFACE SYSTEM, which determines the optimal therapy and balancing the body on the basis of the first and the next examination of the patient.

The method is painless and non-aggressive, absolutely safe – there are no side effects.

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