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Detox treatment

Detox treatment

Natural detoxification is based on physics, without external factors, safely and effectively. It improves metabolism, immune system and resistance of the body, promotes health and makes you feel young!

The deep penetration of ions effectively removes toxins and harmful substances from the body, allowing your body to be healthy and clean. It removes sugar from the blood, lipids, and regulates blood pressure. Reduces pain and strengthens the body.

Regulates the endocrine system, the pH value of the body, ensures the normal functioning of various body systems, tissues and organs and keeps you healthy.

What organs are responsible for detoxification of the human body?

Although the brain is not directly involved in the process of detoxification, mental factors significantly contribute to or hinder the process of detoxifying the organs.

The digestive juices of the stomach are able to kill the pathogenic food cells, and they sometimes help detoxification by vomiting.

Limphatic system
This is the third circulatory system of the human body, after the arteries and the veins. Lymph collects toxins from various parts of the body.

For women that tear easily, the eyes have the most important function of detoxification. Tears contain a large amount of toxins.

The lungs are one of the organs that can easily accumulate toxins. About 1000 liters of air per day pass through the lungs, and the air is contaminated by various bacteria, viruses, dust, etc.

The liver is the most important organ that neutralizes the level of toxins in the body. It produces enzymes that neutralize toxins and sterilize food. When the liver function deteriorates, toxins are allowed to be retained in the body.


The skin is the largest organ that allows detoxification. Toxins released by other organs are excreted by sweating, but the skin is also the most vulnerable organ.

They are the most important organs for the detoxification of the body. They are not just filters for elimination of toxins through urination, but they are also responsible for maintaining the balance between potassium and sodium in body fluids that control the circulation of fluids involved in the process of detoxification.

Part of water left in food is absorbed in the colon and toxic substances are eliminated through feces. Therefore, constipation endangers health.

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