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Light therapy

Light therapy (phototherapy)

The therapy uses polarized light. It is applied by Bioptron or Impulser apparatus i.e. lamp.
The basic mechanism of action of polarized light is biostimulation. When the light is directed to the skin, it stimulates intracellular structures and biomolecules sensitive to light. This initiates a chain reaction in cells and initiates secondary responses, which are not limited only to the skin which is treated, but they cover the whole organism.

When can light therapy help?

It can help in accelerating wound healing, no matter if the wounds have been caused by an injury or after surgery.
The light strengthens regenerative processes throughout the body and thus accelerates the process of healing. It also stimulates the metabolism and leads to balance, improves capillary circulation, boosts immunity, has a beneficial effect on the muscles and joints and increases mobility, relieves pain and helps with many skin conditions of various origin, burns of the first and second degree, pressure ulcers (bed sores of immobile patients), Ulcus cruris (long-term wounds on the lower legs that do not heal).

How often?

Lamp therapies are recommended 1-3 times a day. Usage is quite safe, without side effects, it is completely painless and simple.

The radiation lasts for 5 -10 minutes, which is determined by the doctor.

Color therapy

Sometimes the doctor may order the use of colors that can significantly enhance the effect of polarized light therapy. The procedure is simple, it is carried out by adding color filters and treatment is then carried out according to the principles of light therapy, which the doctor will determine and monitor.

Light therapy can also be conducted at home if you have a small flashlight for home use. You can come to Dr Katarina Badawi for training and explanation on how to use it.

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