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Reconnective healing

Reconnective healing

Reconnective healing is a unique, new way of healing. It reminds us of who we are and returns us to a natural, healthy state. It works completely successfully at all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Effects are often fast, but sometimes it takes several weeks, even months, for completeness and comprehensiveness of change.

Reconnective healing incorporates the quality of all previous methods of energy medicine, or even exceeds them, with often miraculous results of safety and ease of application, as well as the comprehensiveness of effect.

Its results are studied in hospitals and universities around the world, under the supervision of famous scientists such as Dr Konstantin Korotkov from the University of Arizona, Dr William Tiller from Stanford University. According to Dr Tiller, Reconnection frequencies bring healing beyond what is classically known as energy healing – in a broader spectrum of energy, light and information.

The energy that occurs during the session differs significantly from all known healing energies. First of all, it is characterized by an exceptional intelligence, autonomy at work and the inability of its voluntary guidance. It performs diagnostics by itself, sets priorities and implements its therapy plan, which completely excludes mistakes or harmful side effects.

In reconnective healing, there is no physical contact nor manipulation. There is no specific template nor procedure, it seems that the process of healing is dictated by a higher intelligence. Everyone has different experiences during the session, but all of them are mostly pleasant.

These frequencies that heal, that were initiated during the session, continue to operate even after the session is completed, as long as necessary.

What does a session look like?

During the session, which lasts about 30 minutes, reconnective healing practitioner is associated with the reconnective frequencies and acts as an incentive for the healing frequencies to connect directly with the person who receives the healing – reconnective frequencies do not go through the practitioners towards a person, but only directly (as opposed to different techniques and treatments).

What is personal reconnection?

Personal reconnection is done once in a lifetime and is reflected in the possibility of becoming aware of basic personal potential and talent.

This process brings us closer to our optimal genetic code and increases our potentials:

  • The ability to make better choices when deciding,
  • Greater ability to give and receive love,
  • To get rid of fear and guilt,
  • Instead of confronting, you become more creative and calm,
  • Your sense of existence is clearer to you,
  • You will enjoy the present moment,
  • It balances the endocrine system that controls metabolism,
  • It elevates your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level to the higher energy frequencies.

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