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What is a Zapper?

This is a digital microprocessor based device that is designed according to the principles of Dr Clark. When working, it produces high frequency single-pulsating signals (currents) of low voltage intensity and enables selective destruction of pathogens (parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi) in the human organism without damaging human cells in any way. Such a signal that comes into our body through adequate copper electrodes is fatal for the widest range of pathogens.

How does a Zapper work?

All organisms emit its characteristic frequency range. The more primitive organisms are, the lower their frequency range is. Higher organisms have a higher frequency and their range is wider. The application of unidirectional pulsating currents within the scope of an organism destroys it. Small (lower) organisms with a narrow frequency range disappear quite easily after treatment by this signal. Positive voltage offset frequency can kill the entire spectrum of lower organisms (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi …) in just seven minutes.

Why positive voltage?

Positive voltage, established anywhere in the body, attracts negatively charged organisms, such as bacteria. Positive voltage that is formed on the copper electrodes and which is transferred into the body attracts them, throwing them from the cell doors where they are entrenched (the ducting is called “cell door”). Cell doors can also be negatively charged, so positive voltage stimulates them, thus removing all bacteria that are stuck in them.

Why 7 minutes of zapping?

Due to safety, a period of exposure to a current which is necessary to destroy all parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body has been selected. Viruses and bacteria disappear in 3 minutes; tapeworms, flukes, roundworms in 5 minutes; mites in 7 minutes. You should not exceed this time, but no bad effects have been observed at any length of treatment.

Why three treatments of 7 minutes and a break of 20 minutes between treatments?

In the first 7 minutes Zapper eliminates all parasites, viruses and bacteria. You should then make a break for 20 minutes. During this time (pause), bacteria and viruses are released from the dying parasites and start attacking you instead. Another Zapper treatment eliminates the released viruses and bacteria, but soon several viruses reappear that have infected some of the last bacteria. If you miss the treatment, you could get a cold, sore throat or something else. Again, the viruses are released from the dying bacteria. The third session kills the last released viruses.

Why haven’t the viruses inside the parasites died during the first treatment?

Because electricity travels around the outside of the object (the effect of “Faraday cage”). The body of the pathogenic organism was protecting their interior.

Are there any inaccessible places in the body for Zapper?

Zapper does not kill protected organisms, such as those that might be inside your stomach or intestines. Electricity travels along the wall of the stomach or intestines, not through their content. The zapping current does not reach deep into the eyeball or testicles or bowel contents. It does not go into your gallstones, or living cells where Herpes virus lies latent or in which Candida fungus extends its tentacles. But, if you use the Zapper three times a day for a week or more, in most cases you can eliminate those “residents”.

What about the surviving parasites?

The interior of bile stones may contain parasites that are inaccessible to a Zapper treatment. Eliminate the source of reinfection by expelling these stones through liver cleansing. And if the electric current does not often work on the center of the intestinal contents, leaving the intestinal bacteria such as Shigella, E. coli and parasites at a certain stage of development, sometimes Zapper sterilizes almost everything. This leads to a significant contraction of the stool. Eliminate the remaining parasites and bacteria with a single dose (2 tsp) of extra strong tincture of walnut shell.

What about the “good” bacteria, are they destroyed?

There is no way to distinguish between “good” and “bad” bacteria. However, even good bacteria are bad if they pass through the intestinal wall, so Zapper affects mostly “bad” bacteria. The good news is that normal stool is usually established in a day or two. Apparently, the desctruction of the bad bacteria is good for the good bacteria. Homemade yogurt and sour milk are particularly good to restore the intestinal flora.

Are there any side effects?

On the first day, a lot of people felt light tingling in different parts of the body during zapping. This usually occurs in the part of the body where they feel pain or where they were told that they had a problem by the medical staff. Also, the first day you may notice that you are sleepy and grumpy, this is due to the large number of dead parasites, bacteria and viruses in your bloodstream.

You need a good night’s sleep, the body will take care of the remains  by itself while you sleep.
Suggestions to quickly remove the remains of parasites from the bloodstream: Drink 10 to 16 glasses (2 dl) of water per day, between meals. You can take a mineral preparation.

It is desirable to cleanse the intestines once a day (using Epsom salts). Try to reduce daily stress after the initial use of Zapper.

Can it be harmful?

Not! These treatments do not cause any changes in blood pressure, mental alertness or body temperature. They have never produced pain, although they can end pain relatively quickly. Do not use the Zapper if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker! These circumstances have not been tested yet. Do not experiment! Zapper was tested even on children younger than 8 months without any noticeable consequences.

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